“Michelle is ahead of the game when it comes to marketing strategy and digital communications, so when you’re working with Michelle, you’re already future proofing your business.”  

Grant Pierrus, Founder, Director – The Interior Style Hunter

“I attended an event hosted by Linked-In that focused on digital literacy and the Social CEO. Michelle was informative, engaging and motivating all at the same time. She encouraged some of the more timid leaders to get more involved and gave clear examples of how and why it is important to be social. I came out of the event motivated and enthused to work harder on my social profile.”

Carl Marotta, CEO, Skills Alliance

“Michelle walks the talk – a 3 times published author in social tech. If it’s a marketing and communications challenge, Michelle’s the person to get strategic clarity from and help to make it happen.”

Elizabeth Floyd, Digital Consultant

“I have a much clearer bigger picture and critically, a more focused, week by week action plan for the steps I need to take.” 

Diane Kenwood, Founder, These Are The Heydays

“Michelle came in to reinvigorate our social media strategy; starting from a low base, we needed some motivating facts, great case studies and reason to believe that ‘being social’ matters. Going through a rebrand meant that this activity is extremely important to us strengthening our new positioning and widening our client base. Michelle was able to provide some great advice and evaluation of where we are, to help us action plan our activity for the future. Really useful.

Sabrina Qureshi, New Business Director, Motif

“Michelle has this wonderful ability to put her audience at ease and engage them from the off. We asked her to deliver a talk to a group of in-house lawyers on managing your own personal brand - not always an easy subject to engage lawyers on! She did it brilliantly and in a limited time slot. It was interactive, thought-provoking and delivered with Michelle's positive yet calm style. Michelle is a natural. She can flex her style to meet audience needs whilst maintaining interest and engagement on a subject she is truly an expert in.”

Claire Debney, Founder/Owner, MOSAIC Mentoring

“Michelle led a brilliant strategy session for my client, Motif, on grappling with all things social media. Her focus and encouragement during the session was brilliant and everyone who joined in was incredibly positive and felt ready to put Michelle's good, smart advice to work. Look no further for a social media strategy guru! And thank you again.”

Imogen Osborne, Owner, The Pulse Business

"Michelle is a knowledge expert on the topic of marketing strategy and social media strategy - she really knows how all the various social networks/sites work, and how they can be used strategically to achieve business objectives. Her session was constructive, full of practical and implementable action plans / info / tips and delivered in a really friendly approachable manner."

Andrew Dobson - Senior Marketing and Innovation Professional

"As a digital marketing consulting, there are very few people I would trust to talk to my clients about social media strategy and digital strategy. Michelle is one of them. Her book, Get Social, proves why."

David Miles, Founder and CEO

"Michelle has done some great work with my team and a number of events and webinars with our clients. She shared her wealth of knowledge around how leaders, and specifically CEOs should be social. We learned a lot and our clients felt it was extremely valuable and gave extremely positive feedback. Thank you Michelle."

Ollie Sharpe, UK Senior Sales Manager, Search and Staffing, LinkedIn

"I attended a full day event delivered by Michelle. She is an excellent presenter and provided very valuable insights in a fun and enthusiastic manner. I would recommend anyone wishing to find out more about social media strategy and digital communications to attend one of Michelle's events as she is an expert in her field."

Joanna Birch, Business Development Manager, Infinigate UK

  "Actionable, Interactive, Engaging and Empowering - One of the best professional Social Media sessions I have ever experienced. Highly recommended."

Michael Lindner, MBA Manager Alliances & Channels, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Germany/Switzerland/Benelux/Nordics  

“I strongly recommend you follow and engage with Michelle Carvill – a genuine thought leader.”

Dan Dackcombe, LinkedIn Global Director – Search and Staffing.

On behalf of the board of ACC Europe, I would like to thank you for participating as a Speaker at our Annual Conference in Rome. Your session contributed significantly toward the success of our Conference and we gratefully acknowledge the time and energy you devoted in developing your presentation. Thank you for the knowledge and expertise you have shared with our delegates and we hope to see you again at our next Annual Conference.

Mercedes Carmona Mariscal President ACC Europe

“Michelle is engaging, fun and relevant. Her perspective is original and always leaves you with food for thought. Her delivery and style is upbeat and energetic. She will get even the most reluctant spectator onboard and interactive. I have had the opportunity to listen to Michelle speak at various legal industry conferences (including the Association of Conference Counsel) and have had the pleasure of working with her after we engaged Michelle to help us develop our marketing strategy and speak at some of our own events at MOSAIC. Michelle will exceed all your expectations, time and time again.”

Emma Sharpe, Co-founder, MOSAIC Mentoring

“Michelle is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. You will leave your training or strategy development programs feeling energised and inspired to take action after spending time with her, whether you are talking digital marketing or social media strategy – or not!” 

Sarah Kerrigan, Social Media and Digital Marketing Training, Jellyfish

“The line up for this marketing conference was very impressive, for me Michelle's presentation really stood out for many reasons. Michelle understood the audience, the target market. She had experienced many similar problems so her insights resonated with most of the people there. The talk was full of valuable, relevant information to take away, it's a great thing when people freely share their expertise and knowledge, built up over the years - it shows that they are genuine thought leaders in their industry with something different to offer. Would highly recommend Michelle as a guest speaker, her friendly, relaxed style managed to cover a lot of the issues one encounters in business.”

Floyd Sayer, Art Director, Flomotion

“Michelle was a very brave and 'human' speaker. I loved the way she wore her vulnerability to help others. Clearly she is a very successful lady in the digital marketing and social media space but her openness surrounding her story of panic attacks and anxiety was humbling and made others feel at ease. Thanks so much for sharing your story.”

Ann-Marie Gilbert, Digital Trainer & Public Speaker, Pink Moods