Inspiring leaders and organisations to harness the power of connected communications.


Communication channels have changed beyond recognition. Communications are ‘connected’ - one to one, one to many, many to many - and they are no longer simply one way. Communications are ‘networked’.

I’ve met, trained and coached too many people that feel frustrated and overwhelmed with digital and social. They feel they’re failing to keep up, that truly embracing ‘digital’ and ‘social’ is all too complicated and overwhelming.

The reality is, joining the conversation has significant and proven benefits AND importantly, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

I work with organisations and leaders to figure out where they are right now, get clarity on what they want to achieve and then determine what they need to learn and map things out for them, so they can get started and take things one step at a time.

No jargon, no overwhelm, no overcomplicating matters.

Instead I offer a very experienced and safe pair of hands to focus attention and steer activity in the right direction.

Simple! (And straight talking).


All services can be delivered one to one or as part of workshops / team coaching or mentoring.  

Looking for something else that’s not outlined above? Simply GET IN TOUCH to discuss your needs.


What others say...

Dear Michelle, on behalf of the board of ACC Europe, I would like to thank you for participating as a Speaker at our Annual Conference in Rome. Your session contributed significantly toward the success of our Conference and we gratefully acknowledge the time and energy you devoted in developing your presentation.

Thank you for the knowledge and expertise you have shared with our delegates and we hope to see you again at our next Annual Conference.
— Mercedes Carmona Mariscal President ACC Europe

Michelle has done some great work with my team and at a couple of our client events and webinars. She shared her wealth of knowledge how senior leaders, specifically CEOs should be social – we learned a lot and our clients felt it was extremely valuable and gave very positive feedback. Thank you Michelle.
— Ollie Sharpe, UK Senior Sales Manager – Search & Staffing

There are very few people I would put in front of my clients to talk about social media - Michelle Carvill is one of them.
— David Miles, CEO, The PPC Machine, digital marketing consultant, trainer and author

I strongly recommend you follow and engage with Michelle Carvill - a genuine thought leader.
— Dan Dackcombe, Global Director – Search & Staffing