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Author (Shortlisted)

I often say that thanks to the democratisation of the internet, we're all publishers and broadcasters.

For me, with a love of writing, blogging came naturally.

Thanks to my curiosity and some open-minded clients, I started exploring the social media channels pretty much as they emerged.

As a marketer, to me, the channels enabled exciting opportunity for one to one and one to many real-time direct conversations between brands, organisations and people. 

I started to share my learning about the channels and with people, through providing training and consulting in how to optimise these potentially far reaching channels - for both listening in and engaging with the continuous conversation. 

You know when you keep hearing the same message; 'You really know your stuff on this, you should write a book?  So, I did, three of them!  After all, as a highly pragmatic marketer and communicator - what better way, than to crystallise my knowledge, than via books.

After all, there's only one of me, and thanks to my books, I've been able to assist way more people than I ever could have personally.   

Proud to be Shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2019 - Leadership Category. WHOOP!!!

Proud to be Shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2019 - Leadership Category. WHOOP!!!

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I'm on a mission to shift leaders and leadership teams and outmoded thinkers out of their comfort zone to GetSocial and that goes way beyond selling books ;).

My focus is on equipping leaders and organisations with planning, tools and know how to drive confidence, but also with the knowledge of where social fits in the landscape of communication, why it's important they take an authentic stance and when done strategically, the organisational and personal impact.

There is just too much 'fake' social out there - contrived and synthetic posts. Yet leaders and organisations have a great opportunity to build trust and reap the benefits of speaking authentically to their audiences.

From my experiences many are just not fully digitally literate and in some cases conscious - yet they know they need to be doing more. That's what I want to shift. No mean feat, but I mean business.

I am a strategic marketer, with a passion for 'getting things done' - who's grown up with digital.   

Why educator?

Over the past 15 years, via Carvill Creative, the marketing and digital agency I founded in 2002 - I've consulted, coached, advised and trained hundreds of people, and worked across a range of organisations.   I've been invited to speak at various events, run workshops and keynote. Continuously learning, and educating around the ever changing digital and social landscape. 

I've also held Marketing Director positions within clients - leading teams to embrace and optimise digital marketing practices and social technologies. 

You'll also find more detail on my LinkedIn Profile

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Social Soul

I am a truly social soul. And as a natural problem solver, I love to connect people who can help one another.  Having worked with a wide range of people as a team member, team leader and team / individual consultant and coach - I'm well aware that we all need support. There's no shame in not knowing everything. After all - who does? I love the saying... 'If you're the smartest person in the room - then you're in the wrong room'. 

The fear and shame of admitting to others that you don't know it all is far more commonplace than we like to admit. And in my world, the ever changing world of digital and social media - things are changing all the time. It's difficult to keep up with EVERYTHING.

And so... that's why I created two communities - a private Facebook Group -  Social Souls for likeminded individuals who are both generous with their own learning and experience, and keen to learn from others.  And my #GetSocial private LinkedIn Group - to support learning and development in the social media and digital space for leaders and game changers. 

The more questions we ask, the smarter we all become.  Learning together, sharing experiences, drawing on each other's viewpoints.  Both are safe places to ask questions, learn, share, support and be supported. 

Social Souls Facebook Group -  Come and join the conversation

#GetSocial LinkedIn Group - Come and join the community